Stryker on Strategy Page

ARMORED WARFARE: Stryker Vehicles in Iraq (April 3, 2004 entry)

Strategy Page has a good little summary of the Stryker’s performance in Iraq so far. A couple of nits to pick, though.

After four months in Iraq, the Stryker brigade up in Mosul lost its first Stryke armored vehicle to an RPG attack on March 28th. Two RPGs were fired at the vehicle and one was not stopped by the Slat Armor. The vehicle caught fire and was destroyed. None of the crew were hurt. Only the driver was aboard, and he got out. The rest of the crew (an infantry squad) were on foot patrol at the time.

The CJTF7 release I linked to last week indicated that the RPG had been defeated by the cage-like slat armor, but that an external fuel can was set on fire by the blast. The fire led to the destruction of the vehicle. Also, I think all the reports I saw said that two crew members, not one, were on board at the time.

UPDATE: I contacted Strategy Page about the discrepancy on the slat armor, thinking perhaps they had found some info I overlooked. They responded that they got it wrong and would correct their post. They changed “one was not stopped by” to “one got past”, which still leaves room to split hairs but is at least a little more indicative of the result.

I think it’s important to note that the slat armor is doing the job it’s designed to do, especially since so many of the anti-Stryker folks spent so much time poking fun at it. If something needs to be fixed, it needs to be fixed. If there are problems with the Strykers, they need to be addressed. But so many anti-Stryker folks seem to be rabidly pro-M113, and I want to make sure that all the relevant facts enter the discussion. That’s all.