Friday Linkzookery – 11 Nov 2011

On Balance, a Republican Election Cycle
The last time the GOP had this much legislative power in state capitals, most motion pictures were still being produced without sound.

Occupier Devolution
If you have ever wondered what would happen in a society consisting entirely of liberals, the Occupier movement is providing the answer: devolution.

Libya Ops Show Need For Lower-Cost Strike
Wow. No one’s ever noticed that before.

The Navy Down Under
Not a huge shift, practically speaking, but one in the right direction, Murdoc thinks. And it may end up with Marines based down there. Not everyone is thrilled.

Soldier gets life sentence in Afghan killings
Staff Sgt. Calvin Gibbs, of Billings, Mont., was accused of exhorting his bored underlings to slaughter three Afghan civilians for sport.

.300 Whisper M&P15

Panetta: Iran strike may have unintended effect
Asked what will happen if sanctions don’t work, Panetta said, “I think our hope is that we don’t reach that point…”

Calif. rail project to cost $98B
Was approved in 2008 at a cost of $43 billion. Won’t be done until at least 2033. Cost has already gone up to $98 billion.

Michael Moore’s Massive Michigan Vacation Mansion Beyond 99 Percent’s Wildest Dreams
Tries to pretend to be a 99%er, but is still just a liar like usual.

U.S. Navy Ship Set for Alt Fuel Demo
Former USS Foster (DDG 964), last of the Spruance-class tin cans and now a test bed, will run on a 50-50 blend of hydro-processed algal oil and F-76 petroleum.

Army destroys Nazi stockpile of nerve agent
I wonder what the frikkin rush was. Take your time, guys.

US Marshals turned loose to collect $63,720.80 from Righthaven
Copyright trolls about to lose the contents of their drawers. Crying my eyes out over this one, for sure.

Are Pennsylvania hunters upset about the boom in natural gas drilling in the state?
Katharine Seelye deploys some purple prose to help NYT readers think that they are.

SEIU siphons ‘dues’ from Mich. Medicaid payments
The state government provides the family with insurance through Medicaid, but also treats them as caregivers. For the SEIU, this makes them public employees and thus members of the union, which receives $30 out of the family’s monthly Medicaid subsidy.

Remember the “borderless” Internet? It’s officially dead
Balancing chaos and order has always been a challenge; you want to curtail botnets and spam and phishing and other Internet ills without destroying the productive chaos that allowed a million websites and online businesses to launch without permission from any gatekeeper.

Photo of the Day: Artillery support in Vietnam, 1971
American artillerymen open fire in support of South Vietnamese infantrymen driving into Laos.


  1. Despite rumors to the contrary, and applause from some, I’m not dead. I’m on vacation and forgot to bring my laptop.

      1. Me too Murdoc.

        I’ll be mostly off the air till after Thanksgiving, but then I plan to be back to normal (normal applies to my commenting not my mental state).

  2. I was at a veterans’ event about 5 years ago and met a Nam-era gunbunny.

    He was explaining how these firebases were established, in very short order- Paul Bunyan ain’t got sh!t on det cord. He had some photos he had taken from a helo of bald, red hilltops in various states of entrenchment. He was in a ‘105 crew, and Hueys could deliver them.

    I asked him how long it took a gun crew to get to work at a new site. He said with an experienced crew, they could have the gun placed, sighted, and pulling the lanyard in, IIRC, no more than 15 minutes.

    Sounded quick to me, but he kinda shrugged it off.

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