Though in his later years he seemed to have more or less lost it completely, Murdoc would be remiss if he didn’t acknowledge the passing of Andy Rooney. Rooney’s segment on 60 Minutes and especially his book A FEW MINUTES WITH ANDY ROONEY had a great and lasting impact on young Murdoc.

Even back then, as a neophyte on political topics and life in general, I could see that there were many things in the world that could benefit from a good dose of old-fashioned common sense and that mockery was a valid form of communication when discussing politics with many.

Also, I realized early on that I didn’t always agree with Rooney on everything, and that he often seemed inconsistent in his reasoning from one topic to the next. I think that I probably learned more than a bit about how it’s the issue that matters the most, not who’s arguing for or against it or how they’re going about it. And I learned that sometimes people just see things, even basic, fundamental things, differently than you do. Just because I liked Rooney immensely and agreed with him strongly on many issues didn’t meant that I thought he was always right about everything.

So, despite the differences Murdoc has had with many things he has said and written over the years, he’d like to offer an honest “thank-you” to Andy Rooney. Godspeed.