Has anyone ever seen these two together in public?

princeguitar.jpg bossusa.jpg

I mean, how many people play Telecasters? Can’t be that many, can there?

I’ve read that Springsteen once asked for, and received, permission to perform “Little Red Corvette” in concert. I’ve read both that he did and that he didn’t ever do so. Anyone know for sure?

Also, remember when Prince was a no-show at the “We Are The World” recording session? I seem to recall that he spent the afternoon in a club across the street. Yeah, right. Coincidentally, Springsteen had a pretty big part in the song and the video.

Tell me there’s nothing to this.


  1. Murdoc, I’m afraid I can put this one to bed in four easy steps: 1) Unlike legitimate Jekyll/Hyde artists like George Clinton, Prince and the Boss’ styles never converged over the years. Even in the early days, a Parliament Jam like ‘All Your Goodies are Gone’ would have fit on ‘Cosmic Slop,’ and ‘Not Just Knee Deep’ would have worked just fine on ‘Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome.’ But can you imagine dropping ‘Highway Patrolman’ into the middle of ‘Purple Rain’? 2) Look to the first albums. Prince’s first album is a masterpiece of economy, imaginative production, instrumental virtuosity, and direct lyrical pleas. Springsteen’s first album, though having certain charms, is a collection of overheated lyrics shoehorned into underproduced MOR rock ballads. He didn’t get his shit together until Born To Run. 3) Prince is the most underrated guitar player of all time. Check out his solos during the Rock and Roll HOF induction ceremony a few weeks ago. Bruce, on the other hand, sucks all ass on the axe. For proof find any concert bootleg or even the live album he put out in 2001. His solos are worse than Linda McCartney singing, and nobody can fake that. 4) Prince is 5’2”. Bruce has to be AT LEAST 5’3”.

  2. Besides, everybody knows the real question is whether Bill O’Reilly and Ludacris are actually the same person… Think about that!

  3. Lots of people play Telecasters! Although I’m not famous I have two (’76 Fender Custom and a custom built Thinline copy). But to add to the Tele players list… Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones George Harrison, The Beatles Steve Cropper, The Blues Brothers/Booker T & The M.G.’s Here’s a more complete list… http://www.tonosity.com/Editorial/fender_tele_gp.aspx