Light Air Support decision by the end of the year?

AT-6 Is Out of the Light Air Support Contest, Award Imminent

The AT-6B was competing with Embraer’s Super Tucano for a U.S. Air Force contract to supply up to 20 light air support — or counterinsurgency planes — to the fledgling Afghan air force. A couple of months ago we reported that the service was supposed to decide this month on which plane it would supply the Afghans with.

Murdoc’s railed on about this topic over the years. He’d sure like to see some fixed-wing Light Air Support in the USAF or US Army. Maybe single-engine prop planes like the AT-6 or Super Tucano (or A-1 Skyraider, for that matter…). Maybe a twin-engine prop plane. Maybe even a jet along the lines of the A-37.

Not likely, though. Not expensive enough for the US military.


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