Friday Linkzookery – 02 Dec 2011

Running a bit late today, but here’s the Linkzookery:

GE stops funding for F-35 alternative engine
GE and Rolls-Royce had been privately funding the F136, but they’re pulling the plug. Murdoc dislikes.

Report blames lapses on Stryker commander
532-page report finds colonel ignored doctrine, proper procedure in leading undisciplined 5th SBCT, 2nd ID.

Boeing may exceed aerial tanker cost ceiling by $500 Million
Shocker. Boeing is supposed to absorb any cost overrun. We’ll see.

Obama: My kids will succeed, even if USA doesn’t
Whew. USA was really frikkin worried about that.

New attack submarine to be christened Saturday
USS Mississippi (SSN 782).

S&W Pulls Out of the Carbine Competition
A number of biggies still in the running.

Royal Navy will be ‘too small for two carriers’
The UK will “certainly” not be able to operate both Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers in 2020 if the Royal Navy is reduced to 29,000 personnel in line with current planning

IDF upgrades Patriot missile defense battery
Upgrading to PAC-3 while they continue to develop their own David’s Sling system.

New helo squadron will fly Fire Scouts, too
Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 35 will be the first to support littoral combat ships and other Pacific Fleet ships with both the MH-60R Seahawk helicopter and the MQ-8B Fire Scout.

Senator tries to take museum’s F-105
Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla. has introduced an amendment ordering an Arizona museum to give up an F-105 “loaned” to it by the Air Force in 1984.

MARSOC deployment inspires energy drink
Currently sold out but offering a special back-order price on

Djibouti Security
US boots on the ground and laying in the dirt.


  1. The F35 engine at P&W contains a significant quantity of R-R IP. And Rolls signed over that IP in exchange for work on the alternate engine. So, I think Rolls is going to start law talk to recover some of the cash they didn’t get from P&W/DoD.


  2. “GE stops funding for F-35 alternative engine”
    I’ve got a better idea; keep the F-136, ditch the F-35. That cinderblock with wings and a beak is WAY too heavy, even for an engine that produces more military thrust than the P&W F100’s AB thrust — it’s T/W ratio with a full 35000lbs of AB thrust is only 1.14, less than the F-16 it “replaces”. It’s also doubtful that it’s claimed 50000ft/min climb rate is actually possible with it’s blunt aerodynamics and a T/W ratio closer to a Mig-31 or F/A-18C (which are rated only for 40000ft/min). Not to mention the fuel consumption — actual testing has proven that the F-35’s range is only 850 miles on internal fuel alone, despite carrying more than twice as much as a 500-mile-ranged F-16.

    “Report blames lapses on Stryker commander”
    Considering how widespread the problem is, I’d say the CO is being used as a fall guy to prevent a deeper investigation into the US Army’s culture.

    “Boeing may exceed aerial tanker cost ceiling by $500 Million”
    It’s not really surprising, because this was Boeing’s desired result. It’s the way the Defense Welfare State does business;

    “Obama: My kids will succeed, even if USA doesn’t”
    If that hasn’t made you soil your pants, remind yourself that this is the guy in charge of said nation. It’s also eerily reminiscent in a way of Marie Antoinette’s “Let them eat cake” statement.

    “New attack submarine to be christened Saturday”
    Virginia class SSN issues aside, it’s a dark day when the US Navy, which once named subs after fish (of which there are thousands of names to choose from), is now naming them after states (though at least there are 3 more than Barack Obama claimed).

    “S&W Pulls Out of the Carbine Competition”
    I’m not sure about the significance of S&W dropping-out, but it’s a damned good thing Colt called it quits — they’ve been a defense sweetheart through 50 years, and no less than SIX attempts to replace the Matty Mattel Mousegun.

    “Royal Navy will be ‘too small for two carriers’”
    If that isn’t disturbing enough, the *US Navy* is steaming full flank on the same heading as well;

    “IDF upgrades Patriot missile defense battery”
    Someone in Washington must have someone in Tel Aviv by the balls, if they’re still using Patriots — they already have an better-performing indigenous SAM in the same class;

    “New helo squadron will fly Fire Scouts, too”
    I’m sure that future foes with MANPADS and AAA are quaking in their boots, at the threat of an unarmed RC toy helicopter.

    “Senator tries to take museum’s F-105”
    This is insane — regardless of how good the intentions are, Oklahoma seizing an Arizona-borrowed, US federal government-owned asset to hand-over into PRIVATE OWNERSHIP, is blatantly illegal. And does this idiot SERIOUSLY think the USAF is just going to cave and give him a rare and jet, after the US Navy refused to sell even a *single* F-14 Tomcat for private ownership?

    “MARSOC deployment inspires energy drink”
    Funny how they don’t mention the July 2009 deployment fiasco;

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