WatchBlog Entry

Fighting in Iraq

I’ve been invited to write for another site called WatchBlog. It’s really more like three groupblogs, with the main page featuring three columns. There’s one each for Left, Center, and Right -thinking writers. Very clever.

There seems to be a fair amount of good posting going on, though the Conservative column doesn’t have nearly as many posts as the Liberal or even the Center. The discussion generally gets quite interesting in the comments sections, so don’t miss those.

I plan on posting about once a week or so, and I will always note it here when I post a new article over there. This week’s entry is about the current fighting in several cities in Iraq and why, despite the coverage it’s getting and Ted Kennedy’s wisdom, this still isn’t the Vietnam so many people seem to be wishing for.

The US is taking some casualties, and the words “quagmire”, “Tet”, “Mogadishu”, and “Vietnam” are all over the news stories and blog posts once again.

Before everyone gets too excited about the impending defeat of the USA, though, let’s look back twelve months for a moment. Remember the fedayeen attacks that tied up the Marines in Nasiriyah? The ambush of Jessica Lynch’s maintenance convoy? The Mars-like sandstorm? How about the operational pause? And, even if all of that could be overcome somehow, the savage street fighting in Baghdad loomed ahead of us.

What words were on everybody’s lips last year at this time?

Quagmire. Tet. Mogadishu. Vietnam.

Go read the rest.


  1. Hey that Watchblog is a cool idea. I like the way they designed the front page too. I’ll look forward to checking it out on a regular basis. -jim.