X-37B Record-Setting Mission Extended

Secretive Air Force space plane sets endurance record

A secretive unmanned space plane is now in orbit for 270 days – and plans are to keep it up there a bit longer.

The experimental Air Force craft, known as the Orbital Test Vehicle-2, has been circling the Earth for about nine months. The X-37B orbital test vehicle was due to land in California this week, but the Air Force said Tuesday that the mission will be extended. A landing date has not been set.

It was launched on March 5th. Let’s hope it’s doing all sorts of sneaky stuff.

Schematic and photos of X-37B OTV-1 here.


  1. Yeah I would love to be a fly on the wall in mission control for this one. An “endurance” mission doesn’t seem all that believable to me, though I admit very little knowledge in this area. Maybe they are putting the finishing touches on a fully armed and operational battle station.

    Oh yes, I’m.. afraid… it will be quite operational… when your friends arrive…

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