172nd Brigade troopers training in India

US soldiers learn guerrilla tricks in N-E jungles

Soldiers from the 172nd Separate Infantry Brigade, based in Alaska and scheduled to go Stryker next spring, are conducting anti-guerrilla training in the jungles of India.

“Our motto is fight the guerrilla like a guerrilla,” says school commandant Brig. B K Ponwar. Adds the American leader for the ongoing joint exercise Yudh Abhyas, Lt-Col David Wisecarver, “We don’t have a school like this in the US. We will take the lessons from here to other units in our Army.”

They are picking up important skills and learning about working with soldiers in other armies. Plus they’re picking up valuable, um, liaison training

“I like the jungle and urban combat training here…we don’t get to do this in the US,” says US Army specialist Shaune Moore. He quips, “I have even picked up some Hindi… I know the difference between premika (girlfriend) and biwi (wife).”

That’s going to make Spec Moore’s mom real proud.