375th Anniversary of the National Guard

Missed this yesterday:
Happy 375th birthday, National Guard

The National Guard began on Dec. 13, 1636, when the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony passed a law establishing formal militia companies.

Also: National Guard presence at border to be reduced


  1. I was at my old Guard armory a couple weeks ago for an event. I hadn’t been in that building in 15 years.

    What really struck me was how different things are now. We were doing training exercises against notional enemies, Cubans, or NorKs. Occasionally we would do some community stuff (man a tent at the fishing derby, string Christmas lights in the park, dedicate a bridge, pick up trash, etc)but everyone knew it was all BS.

    Real world missions, be they combat tours or disaster relief, just didn’t happen. Now it’s the way of things. Different world, different Guard.

    PS I couldn’t get over the young officers who all looked like children. I was joking with my friend that they were in kindergarten when we came off active duty!

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