Does a massive bombing campaign count as an “invasion”?

Bush: No N. Korea non-attack pact

President Bush said “We have no intention of invading North Korea.” We’re working to get some meaningful multi-lateral talks with nations in the region started. North Korea says it won’t participate unless we sign a non-aggression pact. Bush said we will not do that. So we’ve got a stalemate.

I think I seen the problem here.

DPRK has made all sorts of agreements over the years. They are unhappy that we won’t sign another one. But what they don’t understand is that, when we sign such agreements, we intend to stand by them. They’ve never been constrained by such intentions when signing agreements, and therefore don’t understand why we won’t play along.

Our words are stronger than their signed contracts. Everyone knows that. Well, okay, maybe the Clinton administration didn’t know that in 1994. But besides them, everyone in world knows that.

You cannot bargain with rogue despots. Treating nations like Iraq and North Korea (and Syria and Saudi Arabia) as legitimate members of the world community is just plain irresponsible.