A-29 Super Tucano

A Decade Late, but We’ll Take Them

Light Air Support turboprops for the Afghans. Keeping fingers crossed that we end up with a couple.

If the USAF won’t buy any, the Army should start pushing for the chance to field a few squadrons. Make noise and either get the rules changed or convince the AF to play ball.


  1. With the way this Admin. wants to cut our Defense Budget I think this is the only plane we could afford for the Air Force.

    1. Yah. But FWIW I wouldn’t mind dropping a squadron of F-35s for ten squadrons of these.

      Limited application for CAS in places with no air and virtually no anti-air, but perfect for that. And that seems to be where we keep ending up.

  2. The Army wouldn’t have any trouble getting Super Tucanos, as they weigh less than 10000lbs (they have an agreement with the USAF not to buy fixed-wing combatants weighing more than that).

    I don’t think they will though; they aren’t expensive enough.

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