More on China’s new floating hotel

Close Up Photos of China’s Carrier

While we’ve written about the new weapon systems the Chinese are installing aboard her, notice these pics show some early 1960s-vintage RBU-6000 Soviet-designed anti-submarine rocket launchers. Nothing like some 50-year-old weaponry to outfit your “new” carrier. Although, another picture shows a more modern rolling airframe missile launcher.

The Shi Lang recently returned from another short trial cruise.

Meanwhile, Murdoc didn’t know that the Chinese had actually turned another ex-Russian carrier into an actual hotel. Well, the Kiev, which was more of a missile cruiser hybrid which could operate a helos and Yak-38s.


  1. Has no arrester system, the Russians refused to sell them. For some years, perhaps as mush as a decade, it is nothing more than a mobile steel beach day hull.

  2. If they don’t stat making any progress with flight operations, all the fixed wing aircraft on this floating hotel will be permanent guests.

    Then again, it will probably serve the same function that US carriers serve most of the time — a floating hotel for admirals.

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