‘You can’t be no girly girl and do this’

Another Michigan link:
West Michigan Army team goes to Afghanistan to engage other women, and win them over

As a mother, Army Sgt. Andrea Yearsoivich treasures home and family.

And as such, she values the chance to lead female soldiers in Afghanistan with a specialized new role: Win hearts and minds, not by firing weapons, but by breaking down cultural barriers that often impede male troops.

“I think it makes absolute sense. It is an amazing opportunity,” said Yearsoivich, 31. The Grand Rapids resident left last week for Afghanistan with other members of the Wyoming-based Michigan National Guard.

Yearsoivich heads a team of six “female engagement” soldiers, tasked to earn the trust of Afghan women and gain information often off-limits to men.

Good stuff, and proud to see some local guardspersons on this important mission.

Longtime readers may recall a 2006 interview Murdoc had with Jannelle Zalkovsky, a soldier who was on a similar mission in Iraq.

Heh. “Guardspersons.”


    1. The experience these guardspeople gain dealing with tribal Muslims in the decaying environment of Afghanistan should serve them well if they ever tackle Detroit.

  1. “Hey, I’m trying to be an optimist here! :)”


    Don’t forget the old Chinese proverb:

    An Optimist is the sort of man who marries his sister’s best friend.

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