Murdoc hasn’t posted much about the Littoral Combat Ships lately, so here’s a link to a good post over at CDR Salamander: LCS: A Global Force for Confusion

Money quote:

We all know that LCS is just a speed-fetish’s version of a large corvette. A slightly armed, sub-optimal corvette at that.

Murdoc was a fan when the LCS was a cheap low manpower multipurpose modular ship that could operate well close to shore. That was a long time ago.

And they make a pretty big target considering their relative lack of punch.

Here’s more from a while back on MO: Critical of the LCS


  1. The ships themselves seem to be more or less sorted out now. The cost of the hulls seems more or less set, and most of the bugs are probably worked out.

    Its the mission modules that are nowhere in sight, and I hear nothing about in terms of cost. The LCS is just a gray cruise ship with a single gun mount without them. If the modules end up being two or three hundred million each, the ships will come out to damn close to a billion apiece anyway. That, and if the costs of the modules is too high, chances are they will never get more than one per ship, which kind of negates the whole point of modularity.

  2. I’ve disagreed with others in the past over the use of the c-word as a derogatory comparison when it comes to LCS.
    The USN is effectively paying for something the size and cost of a high-end Euro frigate; but equipped with the sensor fit & armament of a fast motor gunboat – maybe a lightly armed OPV.
    At this point, if LCS really was equivalent to a corvette then it would actually be an improvement!
    (there’s some nice 88m designs out there with Phased Arrays, SAMs, SSMs, 76mm gun)

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