So it is about $$$

These are the Senators that voted in favor of the $20 billion for Iraqi reconstruction on the condition that about half of it would be in the form of a loan instead of an outright grant AND are running for re-election next fall:

Evan Bayh (IN)
Barbara Boxer (CA)
John Breux (LA)
Tom Daschle (SD)
Christopher Dodd (CT)
Byron Dorgan (ND)
John Edwards (NC)
Russell Feingold (WI)
Bob Graham (FL)
Ernest Hollings (SC)
Patrick Leahy (VT)
Blance Lincoln (AR)
Barbara Mikulski (MD)
Patty Murray (WA)
Harry Reid (NV)
Charles Schumer (NY)
Ron Wyden (OR)

Sam Brownback (KS)
Ben Nighthorse Campbell (CO)
Lisa Murkowski (AK)

So, once again, many in Congress think that protecting the United States and promoting liberty across the globe is worth it only if the economics look good. If you live in one of the states the Senators on the list represent, I urge you to take their vote into consideration when you go the polls.

For the record, I think we should be giving them the money, not trying to rebuild them for dollars. Making it a loan only works against us. It seems weird to me that many of the very people who criticize the messages our actions are sending would send this particular message to the rest of the world.