We are paying these people to do these things

County Official Caught Speeding, Gets Off With Warning

A county official driving a county government issued vehicle was arrested after being clocked for allegedly going more than 100 miles an hour in a 55 mile an hour zone.

Prince George’s County police pulled County Councilwoman Karen Toles over along the Capital Beltway near Branch Avenue last week.

Tax dollars bought the vehicle and paid the councilwoman to speed. They paid the officer to let her get away with it.

The penalty: Fined $90 for an improper lane change.

Murdoc’s proposed penalty: Fire Karen Toles, fire the officer who stopped her, and demote officer’s direct superior.

Via Instapundit.


  1. As soon as I saw “Prince George’s County” I just shook my head and said “yep”. I don’t miss that place AT ALL.

  2. Why are you firing the officer who stopped her? Sounds like the only person who was doing their job. I hope she was later for that appointment.

    1. The officer stopped her but let her go with a warning on the speeding.

      Unless I’m misunderstanding and s/he issued a correct speeding ticket which was later turned into a warning.

  3. Looks like there’s a civilian counterpart to “different spanks for different ranks” — at least, when you live in a place like THAT.

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