Well, Murdoc checked to see if anything had changed about Major League Baseball’s ridiculous blackout rules in the three years since I first tried

Yes. Major change indeed.

Instead of home games being blacked out, it now appears that road games are also blacked out.

So I live two and a half hours from Detroit and cannot watch Tigers games live on I think that’s stupid in the 21st century and pretty much turns into a no-go, but that’s the way it was in 2008. But now when the Tigers go on the road, say to Seattle, I also could not watch them.

I just cannot imagine what sort of sense that makes.

Here is an MLB blackout map on Wikipedia. It seems similar to the one I found in 2008, including the monumentally dumb idea of calling Iowa the “local market” of six Major League teams despite the fact that not a single MLB team is in the state at all.

Murdoc would sure like to watch the Tigers this year. He’s willing to pay. But he’s not sure that subscribing to cable (and not even the basic package at that) is worth it. The Murdocs just don’t watch enough television to make it worth it.


  1. Do the Murdocs ‘play’ baseball? And not on a game console either, I mean outdoors…in a sandlot…with mildewy mitts…splintery bats…ad hoc bases… etc.


    1. The kids play slow-pitch softball. That’s all other than simple games of catch and the like.

      FWIW, my efforts to get the kids to become baseball fans have been unsuccessful.

      1. If its anything like me and my dad, the fandom will catch up later. My dad took me to Giants games as a kid, and I remember reading books there and ignoring the game. We played catch a bit, showed me how to hit a ball tossed underhand, but I had no desire to play.

        Nowadays, I can’t wait for baseball season to start to see how the Giants will do this year. Something about growing up makes you want to come back to it.

    1. If you’re a fan of an out-of-market (as defined by MLB) team, it appears to be a real good deal. If you like the local-ish team, you’re screwed.

      1. I will continue to listen to my MLB team on the radio. Their radio broadcaster has already been inducted into the Hall of Fame and their broadcast is pretty good.

        But I am disappointed at the direction we are headed. For years, I could watch almost all my team’s road games on a local channel. Home games, of course, were blacked out. But now you have to subscribe to cable or satellite to see any game.

        This past college football bowl season was terrible for me. Almost every bowl game, including the BCS and title games, were on ESPN. I sure hope they don’t do this with the NFL.

        I stopped paying for cable a few years back. I got tired of the automatic 5 percent increase per year to my bill. Anyways, I definitely won’t get

        1. I really enjoy listening to baseball on the radio, and I think the fact that you can follow the game so well audio-only is a big advantage over most other sports. Even with baseball on TV, I’d bet I’d still listen to a lot of games while doing other things. Baseball can be enjoyed by just keeping tabs on it, whether on TV or radio.

  2. I pay a friendly $100 to Comcast for basic digital plus HD channels. For that raping, I at least get pretty much all the Giants games on Comcast Sports Net, and the big games are on network.

    MLB does a good job demonstrating why monopolies and cartels are bad for the consumer.

    1. Yah. I’m not opposed to paying to watch the Tigers. I’m begging someone to take my money to let me. I just don’t want to have to subscribe to every channel in the universe to get the package that includes Fox Sport Detroit.

      The sooner we get to the point where everyone subscribes to whichever channels they want ala carte, the better.

      I’d rather pay $40/month for the four channels I want than $75 month for 350 channels that include those four.

      1. This will never happen because the same groups that will never allow us to do away with affirmative action would never allow cable companies to do away with ala carte; namely blacks, hispanics and women.

        Think about it, without the subsidies of millions of Anglos do you think telemundo and other Spanish stations could afford to be on the air without severely charging their viewers? The same can be said about BET and Lifetime. Those channels would bite the dust or be forced to charge the few who watch them a not too small amount.

        I imagine there are more people like us who would gladly pay to watch the History Channel or TLC than there are who would do the same for BET or Lifetime.

        Face it, making everyone pay for crappy channels is just another subsidy from the majority to the minority albeit the government is not the one extracting the toll.

        1. I agree that big TV will fight it tooth and nail for as long as they can. But I suspect that other options will do an end-run around the current establishment similar to current book publishing.

          Won’t help with MLB, though, as that’ll remain with the biggies for a long time.

  3. stopped giving a damn about baseball when they went on strike for almost the entire season.

  4. How can the local(ish) team not be on basic cable or MLB? Not enough people in the seats?

    I live in the blue section on NJ. My basic cable has every Yankees and every Mets game that isn’t on national TV.

  5. There’s terrible news from Nevada.

    Fellow blogger ‘Neptunus Lex’, in real life retired US Navy Captain Carroll LeFon, was killed yesterday when his Kfir fighter crashed.

    At the time, he was engaged in an ‘adversary’ mission to train US military pilots.

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