Terrible news. Blogger Neptunus Lex was killed when the Kfir aggressor he flew at TOPGUN crashed yesterday.

I met Lex at one of the Milblogger Conferences a few years ago and stood by while he and Pinch traded Tomcat and Hornet barbs. Pinch posted a photo of the two of them from that evening.

There are a lot of comments over at Lex’s site and a lot of posts going up around the sphere. Look around and check them out.

He will be missed.


  1. Damn.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think I heard of him until after his death.

    But no doubt, this is a loss of a very special patriot, and apparently, a very nice guy.

  2. Yea Jaymaster,

    He was a pretty cool guy.

    I followed his blog (not as frequently as I should have) and found he was able to mix his civilian life and military life into an interesting blend of humor, excitement, a rabid interest in aviation and occasionally a touch of pathos.

    He was a talented person and led a life-style I’m certain many of us would envy.

    Rest In Peace Neptunus!

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