Gallup: Americans Favor Keystone XL Pipeline

A solid majority of Americans think the U.S. government should approve of building the Keystone XL pipeline, while 29% think it should not. Republicans are almost twice as likely as Democrats to want the government to approve the oil pipeline. About half of independents also approve…

The pipeline would travel through the Midwest and the South, and Americans in those two regions are the most likely to approve of the project. Nearly 7 in 10 Midwesterners want the government to approve the building of the pipeline and 61% of those in the South do as well…

Americans who say they are very closely following news about the Keystone XL pipeline overwhelmingly think the government should approve the building of it, 78% to 22%. About a quarter of those who are not following news of it closely don’t have an opinion on the issue. But among those who do, more think the government should approve (44%) than disapprove (29%) it.

It’s almost like those opposing it are in the minority.

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  1. They could just declare an endangered species on their land, then they could control it without having to go to all the trouble of eminent domain and fair compensation.

    The utter lack of an energy policy in this nation, for the last three administrations, has been baffling. We want cheap energy, and we want no environmental problems. And neither side will give. Its political gridlock with vested interest groups, environmental and petroleum/coal, fighting through political lobbying. The only ones winning are the politicians.

    How do you remain a super power when you wont even allow your economy to grow? We can only take from the productive sector to subsidize “green” for so long, and green shows no sign of becoming price competitive any time soon. Do we just keep doing the same and hope it will finally work?

  2. But don’t you remember? Obama has committed to reducing our dependence on foreign oil!

    And what better way than to throw a wrench into our ability to process our own resources? *sarcasm*

    1. B,

      It’s Smart Diplomacy.

      If we don’t understand the complex, subtle machinations at work we must be stoopid.

  3. Bloomberg reports that the Keystone XL may actually increase the price of gasoline in the Midwest:

    “Canadian producers will be able to charge more for their oil after Keystone XL is built, boosting revenues by $2 billion to $3.9 billion, Canada’s National Energy (TAQA) Board said in the 2010 report approving of TransCanada’s pipeline plan.
    The discount on Canadian crude “should be avoided in the future” if the pipeline were built, according to the report.
    Completion of the entire pipeline would raise prices at the pump in the Midwest and Rocky Mountains 10 to 20 cents a gallon, Verleger, the Colorado consultant, said in an e-mail message.
    The higher crude prices also would erase the discount enjoyed by cities including Chicago, Cheyenne and Denver, Verleger said.”

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