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Media Myth Alert: Why WaPo should reveal sources on bogus Jessica Lynch tale

It’s become common wisdom that the tales of Jessica Lynch’s heroics in Iraq in 2003 were a Pentagon fabrication to hype up support for George Bush’s war.

Except that it wasn’t the military that told the Washington Post the tales.

One of the reporters on the botched story, Vernon Loeb, is on record as saying who the sources were not.

So it should be a small step to saying who they were.

Loeb, in an interview on NPR’s “Fresh Air” program in December 2003, stated unequivocally:

“Our sources for that story were not Pentagon sources.”

He also said he “could never get anybody from the Pentagon to talk about” the Lynch case.

“They wouldn’t say anything about Jessica Lynch,” Loeb said, adding:

“I just didn’t see the Pentagon trying to create a hero where there was none,” he added. “I mean …they never showed any interest in doing that, to me.”

Loeb also described them as “some really good intelligence sources” in Washington.

It’s probably too late to change the story in the public’s mind. Which was probably the plan.

Also noted in the article is Jon Krakauer spreading the lies in his book Where Men Win Glory. When confronted, Krakauer removed the passage from later editions of the book. Murdoc was unaware of that whole story.


  1. Murdoc was unaware of that whole story.

    You were unaware that Jessica did not fire her weapon, or that the sources were not from the Pentagon?

    1. No, just unaware of Jon Krakauer’s claims in his book and the later retraction.

      I loved loved loved INTO THIN AIR (about the disaster on Everest in 96) but have been, well, underwhelmed by pretty much everything else I’ve seen of Krakauer.

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