Remembering Project Gemini

Great gallery of photos on The Atlantic.

Though it was over by the time he was born, Gemini has always been a favorite of Murdoc’s.


  1. I am a big fan of old school NASA. I loved looking at those photos. Too bad that America is gone. I doubt NASA could get away with that workforce today.

    1. 11B,

      Depends on whether they attended enough sensitivity and cultural awareness training.

      Seriously though what struck me with those photos is how young those guys were.

    2. Gemini was designed by a Canadian, Jim Chamberlin, formerly the chief aerodynamicist on the Avro Arrow fighter interceptor program with Avro Canada. Chamberlin joined NASA along with 25 senior Avro engineers after cancellation of the Arrow program, and became head of the U.S. Space Task Group’s engineering division in charge of Gemini.

      1. Most of the Arrow development team ended up somewhere in NASA or DoD, as there wasn’t going to be any cutting-edge R&D going on in Canada after the Arrow was cancelled.

        I know the CBC/Dan Ackroyd production on the Arrow story takes some “liberties” with the truth, but the thought that a Mk II Arrow flew and was hidden away is heartwarming even if incorrect.

  2. The old TV in one photo reminds me of one we had in the house when I was younger. Took up half a wall, had a 21 inch (measured diagonally) tube and a real wooden cabinet.

    Imagine the size (HUGE) of the computers and how their power (miniscule) was in the early 1960’s

    1. Somewhere…maybe it was here on MO…there was a picture, ca 1960, of an IBM computer being loaded on a plane. With a forklift.

      Not sure if the punch cards had to be loaded on a separate flight.

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