Friday Linkzookery – 11 May 2012

USAF Re-Opens Light Attack Contest
We can’t even get a contract for 20 single-seat turboprops done in a timely manner.

Military class suspended for its view on Islam
It taught that Islam is more of an ideology than a religion and often prone to violence. Shut down because it was counter to American “appreciation for religious freedom and cultural awareness.”

Attackers in Afghan police uniforms kill 5
Suicide attackers wearing police uniforms killed five people when they were caught trying to sneak through a checkpoint Thursday in eastern Afghanistan.

Attacker in Afghan uniform kills NATO soldier
20 attacks by Afghan-uniformed men have killed killed 13 NATO troops so far this year.

There Is No “Kinder, Gentler” Taliban
They blow up civilians on purpose because they said God told them to.

Cops pull guy over for speeding, search his car, and confiscate $22,000 in cash because driver “couldn’t prove it was legitimate.”

V Corps cases colors — perhaps for last time — in Germany
V Corps, once the guardian of the Fulda Gap, will be inactivated after a deployment to Afghanistan.

The Tyranny of Cliches: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas
By Jonah Goldberg. I wish the Kindle edition was not $15, though.

Shotgun 4-Round Burst
Video of full auto SRM shotgun.

Obama threatens to veto DOJ budget because it blocks Fast and Furious gun control law
It’s almost like Obama is trying to use his DOJ’s intentional gun running to exert additional gun control on US citizens.

ObamaCare’s Muslim Exemption
Muslims may claim a religious exemption that is denied Christians and Jews.

U.S. Marines Extend Afghan Deployment of Cargo UAV
K-MAX operational evaluation extended until the end of September. Good.

DoD Officials Urge U.S. to Join Sea Treaty
Pro-LOST. Apparently because the UN has solved so many problems.

Navy ferry to be named after Guam
Meanwhile, aircraft carriers will be named after politicians from whichever party is in power at the time.

Ship named for living Korean War hero and Navy pilot
DDG 116 will be the USS Thomas Hudner. Meanwhile, aircraft carriers will be named after politicians from whichever party is in power at the time.

Boeing Complete 1st Flight of QF-16
Will replace QF-4 aerial targets.

Do Barbers Really Need a License?
Cosmetologists in many states face substantially heavier training requirements than do emergency medical technicians.

More Linkzookery below!

Second-Generation Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System Completes Successful Intercept Flight Test
Standard Missile–3 (SM-3) Block 1B success from USS Lake Erie (CG 70). Longer range and more discriminating than current model.

50-State Tax Friendliness Survey
There should be a lot more public focus on stuff like this.

Coal Conspicuously Missing
Infographic on Obama-Biden site didn’t include coal in it’s energy resources page but listed wind and solar. This is fantasyland thinking that makes people think fantasyland ideas will power the future. (UPDATE: They added “clean coal” now instead of “energy efficiency.”)

Navy praises LCS 3, but more storm clouds gather
They’re excited that it hasn’t started to corrode away or crack in half yet. Keeping fingers crossed it’s still that way when it joins the fleet in September.

U.S. snipers are changing warfare
This warfare, anyway. It’s important to remember that counter-insurgency in dead-end corners of the globe is not the primary mission of the US military.

It’s Official: U.K. To Switch Back to STOVL F-35
US insistence that the Brits buy the electromagnetic catapult via Foreign Military Sales rather than more cheaply direct from the manufacturer was a key reason for the shift. So now the Brit will still only have jump jet carriers. Great move.

Australia Announces Purchase of 10 C-27Js From the U.S.
We should try to sell them the brand-new ones we’re trying to axe.

F-22 Fighter Pilots Battle Mysterious ‘Raptor Cough’
Worse than in previous fighters, but not known if its due to the F-22’s advanced capabilities or the troublesome oxygen system.

BAE Scouts Reactions for New Lightweight Tracked Tank
Looking at a 15-17 ton CV21 vehicle armed with up to a 40mm. Sort of a light CV90. The idea is sound, but few of these lightweight armored vehicles end up as light or as capable as promised.

New Coast Guard ship has rust, holes in hull
National Security Cutter USCGC Stratton (WMSL-752) has been in the fleet almost a month and a half.

USFL relaunching, Biletnikoff involved
I keep hoping a true NFL farm system will develop, but it never happens.

19 monoliths from the nuclear netherworld
The article doesn’t say they signaled an unknown entity when uncovered, but it also doesn’t say that they DIDN’T.


  1. Re: Coal.

    me thinks the EPA is less to blame for coal’s slide from prominence than the ridiculously cheap price for NatGas these days; as well as ease of setting up NatGas plants; also coal doesn’t go well in pipelines.

  2. Re: KMax

    That story is pretty good. Watch the video of this chopper. I love the rotor system. It’s old school and Kaman is probably the only company that still uses it.

  3. You guys might like this one. They found a P-40 in the Egyptian desert that went down in 1942. It has basically remained untouched since that time and is very well preserved. The photos are pretty good. The condition of the cockpit instruments appear good.

  4. I hope they don’t put too many sailors on the USS Guam, it might tip over and capsize. /Rep. Hank Johnson

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