Darth Sadr talks peace

Envoy: Rebel Shiite cleric proposes peace deal

Apparently, an envoy from Muqtada al-Sadr has brought peace terms to the Iraqi provisional government.

“Sayyed Muqtada made positive proposals to end the crisis. I cannot disclose the details. He realizes that an armed confrontation is not in anybody’s interest,” Abdelkarim al-Anzi told Reuters in Baghdad.

Anzi, who met al-Sadr in Najaf on Tuesday, said he was due to meet Iraqi Governing Council members later on Wednesday to discuss the proposals before seeing U.S. officials.

Of course, it all depends upon exactly what those terms are, and if they’ll be honored, but this appears to be a surrender of sorts by the leader of most of the recent uprisings.

Gee, think that might have anything to do with the exchange rate in the Fallujah fighting? Or maybe the US troops forming up outside Najaf? The agreements to up US force levels for as long as needed? Calls for his death or capture?

Things obviously aren’t all roses in Iraq right now, but we’re staying the course. We’ll see.

UPDATE: Prof Hall at Spacecraft is back, and he notes a possible solution to problems like the Darth Sadr issue at Mysanthropist. Oorah!