Friday Linkzookery – 04 May 2012

Women in combat: Army to open 14K jobs, 6 MOSs
Not “front line combat” positions, but closer to the action. The plan is to hold them to the exact same standards as men.

Egypt military reiterates promise to leave power by end of June
We’ll see.

Another Domino Falls in Dem War on Blue
Providence, RI, planning huge cuts for city pensioners. It’s almost like the system isn’t working as advertised.

Wisconsin Recall Amnesia: Why aren’t Democrats running against Scott Walker’s union reforms?
It’s almost like the doomsday the Dems predicted aren’t coming to pass.

CNO: Stressed fleet can’t sustain op tempo
At least they’re cutting the size of the fleet. That ought to help things.

The Navy’s new sub comes in a year early. How?
USS Mississippi (SSN 782) delivered 363 days ahead of schedule.

Indian airforce loses half its planes
India’s Russian MiG fighter jets have been branded ‘flying coffins’ after the government revealed more than half of its 872-strong fleet had crashed since the mid-1960s.

Australia Delays F-35 Order by 2 Years
Another setback for the JSF.

Dam has hosted Soviets, Brits and U.S. Marines
Kajaki Dam has seen it all. It will doubtlessly see more.

Harriers almost came back for Libya
Seems like that would have been a lot of work.

Wind Farms Warming Texas
Warming the surface underneath them at night?

Third Employee Fired After Another Edited George Zimmerman 911 Tape Surfaces
Lilia Luciano, a Miami-based correspondent, “is no longer working for the network,” TVNewser reports.

Darrell Issa Threatens to Find Eric Holder in Contempt Over ‘Fast and Furious’
It’s almost like they’re trying to hide something.


  1. Re: the women in combat.

    This is sad news. Just more of the demise of a once great military.

    We have basically been fighting 40,000 tribesman in Afghanistan who are armed with little more than AKs, RPGs and a hell of a lot of balls. They have gone toe to toe with a soft superpower for 10 years and will probably emerge victorious when all is said and done.

    I think we have forgotten what is it like to fight a real army, and I bet if that day ever comes, the wake-up call will be painful. In WW2 we got hit hard early in North Africa and that jarred us back into reality. In Korea we got hit hard early at Pusan and that jarred us back into reality.

    I almost think the US Army needs a similar type mauling to put to rest the PCization of our once great force.

  2. “Australia Delays F-35 Order by 2 Years”

    Our federal government is a bunch of bunglers. They’ve wasted tens of billions of dollars on failed programs and now are cancelling things we actually need to make up the shortfall. This is little more than a ploy to plug the hole in the budget in the hope that they will be re-elected (unlikely).

    Having said that, I always thought the F-35 program was problematic. At this point it probably would have been cheaper to develop and field the FB-22 and they would be better planes. Although the STOVL version of the F-35 will fill a vital role.

  3. 11 Bravo,

    I have to agree, but put the blame squarely where it belongs: “The politicians”.

    If the P.C. politicos didn’t interfere in Vietnam and let the military, airdales and grunts, take the fight NORTH the story today would be different.

    But that difference, which many wished for might not have been the best result.

    What was the similarity between Korea and Vietnam? And who was the BIG winner?

    The politicians were afraid of CHINA in both cases. And China came away from both games with all the marbles.

    What was the difference in the two conflicts?

    In Korea the South was kept in tact. But at what cost? 38,000 K.I.A.’s and 30 or 40 thousand troops and their equipment in place for 60 years. Mega-bucks spent and still the threat of the North Koreans going off the rails is very real.

    In the Nam, America bailed out totally and the country went Commie sure, but it is fairly stable and is not a real threat to America. As a matter of fact my New Balance shoes are made by the dinks.

    In regards to Afghanistan I still say; even if the politicians would have stayed out of the equation completely right from the get-go, the 2012 sandbox would be more like 2012 Korea than 2012 Vietnam. Decades upon decades of a very unstable situation. You can completely conquer a country with such a fragmented society and an antediluvian culture.

    It’s the insane Islamic “religious” ideology fuelled by ignorance that is the real catalyst for an un-ending struggle.

  4. Re: above comment-

    “You can completely conquer a country with such a fragmented society and an antediluvian culture.”

    Should read: CAN’T, not can.

  5. Eh, if female soldiers are passing the same PT tests as the males and can otherwise do the job at hand, I don’t see the trouble.

    I looked at the article and it seems they are allowing certain slots at Bn HHCs to women as well as MLRS crews, FA fire direction, and a couple flavors of mechanecks.

    1. I looked at the article and it seems they are allowing certain slots at Bn HHCs to women as well as MLRS crews, FA fire direction, and a couple flavors of mechanecks.

      First, don’t believe this. The people pushing this won’t stop until women can serve in every branch including the infantry. They are just smart enough to not go for the whole shebang in one shot. Remember the gay rights struggle. When it started no one every mentioned gay marriage, gay adoption, gays as a distinct civil rights category and gays serving openly in the military. The only thing on the agenda was to arrest people who physically bashed homosexuals in the street, and to get the cops to stop raiding their clubs.

      Women in male units are a distraction and they will not pull their own weight. As for standards, they will not hold them to the same standards as men. Or they will water down the standards to ensure enough women can qualify.

      Any CO will be under tremendous pressure to alter standards to ensure slots open to women are filled by women. If a CO goes up for promotion and it is discovered that his unit doesn’t have as many women as a related unit, he could be branded sexist and not promoted. So COs will probably allow slack women to fill a certain number of positions just to avoid the possibility of derailing their career.

      1. 11B,

        There are a few points in your post that made me think.

        -I can’t say what a given leader might do. I have, and I suspect you have, seen leaders buckle over stuff like this before. Maybe some would succumb to pressures you mention in your last paragraph.

        -Women in male units are a distraction: Sometimes, I agree. But we have to trust in the professionalism of the force that the job will be done. What else can we do? Folks who can’t deal will be corrected, no doubt. He77, they already are.

        -Watering down qual standards: Well, I can only come at this from my own experience, which admitedly is 20 years old. My MOS was/is open to both sexes. They could do the job, or they couldn’t. The ones who couldn’t, male or female, were sent to a different AIT and re-classed. But those were very few- after all, you wouldn’t have been offered the school if the Army thought you couldn’t do it. Don’t see why the same shouldn’t be true for the jobs they are talking about.

        I think the true measure of this program will be whether, as you point out, local commanders can indeed hold all soldiers to the same standard.

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