The Narrative Says to Cover for Terrorists

Repeat: The Cleveland 5, the geniuses who tried to blow up a bridge for the 99%, are all Occupiers

ABC News didn’t mention the Occupy movement at all. The USA Today says that they’re anarchists who just wanted to “use the cover of the Occupy Wall Street movement.”

Why didn’t we hear about how the nutjobs crapping in peoples’ front yards during the Tea Party rallies were “just using the Tea Party for cover”? Oh, that’s right. That was during Occupy protests.

Well, none of the reported rapes during Tea Party rallies were blown off as criminals using the rallies to launch attacks of opportunity. Oh, that’s right. That was during the Occupy protests, too.

And I don’t think I heard about how the people tearing up Seattle on May Day during Tea Party rallies were not affiliated with the Tea Party but just using the rallies as cover. Oh, that’s right. Occupy protests again.

Says a commenter on the Daily Caller:

The problem that the Occupy movement has is that 95% of its members make the other 5% look bad.

Meanwhile, seen on Uncle:

So yesterday, OWS tore up a couple of cities, sent fake anthrax to banks, and tried to blow up a bridge… I for one can’t wait for the media expose about racists in the Tea Party.

All via Instapundit.

I know that there are those in the Occupy movement and many among their sympathizers that are not anarchist sons of bitches intent on destroying America. My suggestion for them is to get the hell as far from the Occupiers as they can. They have lost control of their movement.

The thugs and criminals and would-be tyrants have taken over a semi-socialist movement. Like usual.


  1. Funny thing, there are plenty of anarcho-capitalists in Tea Parties. I’m an an-cap myself.

    1. I would say that there are ZERO anarcho-capitalists in our movement. Are you quite sure that you’re part of us, Vitor?

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