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Remington M4A1 Carbine Contact & Press Release


  1. “It is a great honor to be awarded this contract from the United States Army,” said John Day, Vice President, Remington Defense Division, former Marine, and Iraq War Veteran.

    “The innovation, quality and reliability of Remington rifles have made our company a leader in defense markets around the world,” said General Michael W. Hagee (USMC, Ret.), a Remington Arms board member and former Commandant of the Marine Corps.

    “The chance to expand our strong military and defense presence producing M4s for the U.S. Army is a great opportunity,” added General George Joulwan (US Army, Ret.), also a Remington board member and former Supreme Allied Commander of Europe and head of NATO Forces.

    Is it just me, or does there seem to be too many former government officials cashing in on their previous positions with civilian contractors? Is Remington the best, do we need M4s, or does having a couple of former 4-stars grease the skids for this contract?

  2. With Joe Lieberman out of the DNC and Chris Dodd off to wherever corrupt Senators go when they retire, Colt must really be hurting. So Chuck Schumer and his sock puppet got the business moved to Remington’s NY factory.

    Ironic that Remington will be making shitty M4’s for the Army while selling much better R5’s and ACR’s to everyone else.

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