Raptor Restricitons

Pentagon Puts Restrictions on USAF’s F-22 Fleet

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has ordered the Air Force to stop flying the F-22 in regions, such as Alaska, where it would be difficult for pilots to land the plane if they experience signs of oxygen deficiency.

We don’t know many of the details, but this sure seems to be taking a long time to resolve.


  1. Saw something, I think on Defense Tech that said some of the ground crew had reported hypoxia-like symptoms on the GROUND while working near the Raptor.

    Something really weird going on with that thing.

  2. Major F-22 criticisms aside, what I want to know is if this “backup” OBOGS system is just an extra copy of the exact model currently used.

    Also, I wonder how many other warplanes have a “backup” OBOGS?

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