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Howard criticises Australian captive

Australian PM John Howard has called a anti-war protester and human shield who’s found herself taken hostage reckless and foolhardy.

“I think people have to understand that when they take unnecessary risks, they’re not only putting their own lives at stake but they’re also putting at stake the lives of many other people and it is just not acceptable,” Mr Howard said.

“I would be failing in my duty to the rest of the Australians in Iraq if I didn’t say in the bluntest possible sense, it is not fair on others to behave in a careless and foolhardy fashion.”

Donna Mulhearn was apparently captured in Fallujah and ended up caught in the crossfire between insurgent fighters and US Marines. She and the three other who were captured with her have since been released, apparently unharmed.

Alexander Downer, the Australian Foreign Ministers, said that political dissent is okay, it’s the danger to others that such acts cause that is unacceptable.“Go to America and stand outside the White House with a gigantic banner reading: ‘I’m from Australia and I protest’,” he said.

That would be annoying, but at least it wouldn’t threaten the safety of our soldiers. (via The Command Post)