C-RAM Video

From Military.com:


    1. Yes and no. Mk15 Phalenx CIWS [Army calls it C-RAM] is a varient of the Vulcan 20mm canon and the radar control system designed to track both incoming and outgoing rounds – bringing them into contact automatically.

      The USN has had it for decades – it took Iraq for the Army to consider using it…

  1. Dogs and cats… living together… air-defense doing counter-battery missions… mass hysteria

  2. what would be fun is to slave in an 81mm or better mortar to the radar for automatic counter battery fire. While the C-RAM is shooting down the incoming, the ACB is returning fire to the origin point. Don’t shoot at us, our ACB doesn’t blow up your general location with HE rounds.

    1. I like. Use a 120mm. It shouldn’t be that difficult to add on – the system is already a semi-tractor/trailer load…

    2. Except the guys we fight know about counter battery and usually launch their mortars from someplace populated so they get a propaganda win even if they get dead from counter bat.

      I guess it might not be as bad in Afghanistan, but you would still want someone to authorize return fire before letting her rip.

      1. Nope, that’s the point. You make sure that its announced by flyer, radio and whatever else that you are activating it, then no human hand on THIS SIDE touches it. Whoever fires the first shot is responsible, there’s no politics involved, and eventually the locals will realize that being within 50 of someone shooting at Americans is a quick way to get dead right along with them. All the sudden, the human shields won’t put up with it anymore because no American pulled the trigger, just the dumb mook shooting shells at the Americans. Call it the “boomerang” effect.
        Put a kill switch on it and you might as well not have the counter battery fire.

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