This arrived in my inbox this morning from Spirit of America, the outfit raising money for, among other things, seven Iraqi-owned low-power television stations:

Here are the results. Overwhelming. Incredible. In the last five days we have received $764,408 from 4,088 donors. Most of these funds are earmarked for the request made by the Marines for equipment needed to establish Iraqi-owned television stations in Al Anbar Province Iraq (described here: Our initial goal for this request was $100,000. The Marines are as stunned as I am. I’ll remove the expletives of joyful surprise and forward some of their comments to you next week. They are also developing ideas for the expansion of this initiative. More on that soon.

We are pressing ahead with fundraising. We understand we’re at the very beginning of the effort needed to achieve peace and stability in Iraq. The Marines and others serving in Iraq have made clear that all the support we can muster will greatly assist their efforts to win the peace. Rest assured we do not confuse success in donor support with the real results we all seek to achieve. The real work lies ahead. But the funding makes the results possible and we now have a great foundation to build upon.

We are now focused on delivering the basic equipment requested for the first seven stations. Thanks to you we will have everything at Camp Pendleton by next Thursday (April 29). That delivery will make it 21 days from receiving the Marines request to fulfilling it. You can imagine what a response like this means to those on the front lines whose lives are at risk.

That is awesome! And don’t tell me that this happens without the blogosphere.

I’d ask again why this sort of thing isn’t being funded with some of that $87 Billion, but in the spirit of happiness:

To hell with them. We’ll do it ourselves.