Washington in the Yellow Sea

George Washington Carrier Strike Group Operations in the Yellow Sea

U.S. Navy is conducting routine carrier operations in international waters west of the Korean Peninsula June 23-25.

The George Washington Carrier Strike Group (GWCSG) is conducting routine operations with the Republic of Korea navy in the Yellow Sea.

The operations are taking place beyond the territorial seas of any coastal nations and are intended to reinforce regional security and stability, enhance interoperability with allies, and enhance operational proficiency and readiness. The operations include integrated flight operations, surface and anti-submarine warfare training, air defense, replenishment at sea, dynamic ship maneuvers and liaison officer exchanges.

U.S. Navy ships scheduled to participate include the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73), with embarked Carrier Air Wing 5 and Destroyer Squadron 15; guided-missile cruisers USS Cowpens (CG 63) and USS Shiloh (CG 67); guided-missile destroyers USS Lassen (DDG 82) and McCampbell (DDG 85).


  1. In the PC game “Operational Art of War” there is a Second Korean War scenario I played a few times.

    Once playing as the NorKs I found the Washington battle group*, sent as much of my air force in as could reach it, and nuked it.

    It didn’t change the calculus on the battlefield at all. I lost all the aircraft committed, either destroyed outright or deadlined for the rest of the scenario. But I would have lost them anyway against the USAF, USN, ROK Air Force, etc. And the good guys have so much air power that losing the GW air wing didn’t effect anything. But I got decent victory points for taking out the carrier.

    I think I nuked Sasebo, too. Out of spite.

    *Come to think of it it might have been Abraham Lincoln, but the point still stands. Whatever that was.

    1. LOL. Our wargames always included a bit of “out of spite” as well.

      In Sixth Fleet, my brother ALWAYS went after USS New Jersey. Sometimes with everything he had. Regardless of victory conditions.

      He just knew how much I hated to lose a BB.

      1. Well the epilogue was that after the NorKs pop their handful of small fission bombs, the AI goes bananas and drops BIG bombs north of the 38th parallel. Units not vaporized outright end up heavily attritted. Anything not immediatley effected by the flash/bang have to maneuever through the persistent contaminated hexes on their way S. They have to walk to the battle, btw, because all rail and roads are busted up beyond repair and any attempt at air transport = 100% destruction for committed units. Good times.

        I loved Victory Games products. I never bought Sixth Fleet, for some reason, but I did have 2nd and 7th. And I believe “NATO: The Next War in Europe” was a Victory product as well, and I played that alot.

        Remember just doing the housekeeping for those games? It was entirely possible for a complete turn to take an hour, what with the cards, chits, counters, stacks, dice, etc.

        ‘Course it still might take me that long to think through a turn on a computer game, but at least the AI does everything it’s going to do in like 10 seconds.

  2. There was a factoid floating around the Peninsula that the USN didn’t conduct exercises in the Yellow Sea because China would raise a diplomatic fuss about it.
    That policy seems to have changed in fall of 2010, though, if indeed it ever existed in the first place. Factoid, as I said; maybe someone else here can confirm or deny?

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