Big bang

The 12.7mm M-16

Leitner-Wise Rifle Company has developed a mini-.50 version of the M16. Handy for blowing the ever-loving shit out of all sorts of things.

To create the mini-.50, a .50 caliber bullet is put into a smaller casing (than the standard .50 round used in machine gun and long-range sniper rifles). The smaller casing trades off less propellant for softer recoil, less accuracy over longer distances, but less stress on the barrel and user. The recoil for the mini-.50 is described as being similar to a 12-gauge shotgun. It also makes for a weapon that is easier to carry and faster to employ than the full-sized .50 caliber rifle designs. The Barrett Light .50 M82A1 rifle employed by the U.S. Army and Marines weighs in at 28 lbs unloaded and is 57 inches long while a mini-50 weighs in at around 8-12 lbs loaded and a little over 36 inches long.

The primary advantage of this weapon over the M82A1 seems to be the weight and portability. It’s a cannon in rifle’s clothing.

Follow the link to Strategy Page for more info and a pic of this monster.

UPDATE: ACE comments on this weapon.


  1. Competition is picking up in the ‘mini-50’ market. I’ve found yet another one. I hope to post about it tonight. Other than the Coast Guard (which, according to some reports, has had reliablity problems with the L-W), I’ve not read much about the military buying them. The primary market might be LE (and nuts like me who just like to see what we can destroy at 300 yds).