Demo of Bofors 77B 155mm Howitzer

Via Theo Spark, who notes

The Ministry Of Silly Walks Has Moved To India And Is Now Armed With Howitzers


  1. The level of complexity of this thing, with its APU and limited mobility, almost makes me think it would be more effective to get a self propelled gun. Also, I definitely don’t want an Indian gun crew.

  2. Some Indian SGM or somebody needs to re-examine their drill and ceremony practices.

    I don’t care how lethal the gun system is or how capable the crew, they look f*cking stupid.

    1. Blame the Brits, ’cause that’s where the Indians learned that dandy dancing. Something tells me that in the heat of battle on the Siachen Glacier there’s none of this dancing.

  3. Yep i bet thats not the standard drill, Is this like the Finnish one they sold to Egypt?
    Its instead of a sp gun.

  4. The same silly and stupid looking Indians blew the brains of American trained and armed Pakistan during Kargil war.

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