Space Warfare

This subject is certainly hot right now, at least in the circle of sites I frequent.

Den Beste: Here and here.

Chuck Simmins: Here.

Buckethead: Here, here, and here.

All of these posts are full of good stuff, but I’d like to add my own opinions. Imagine that.

I think that the ideal warship for space combat would be a spaceship built from a convervted World War Two battleship that had been sunk in action. Especially if the main guns were lasers based on 18.1 inch naval rifles, and if a super-monster gun with a barrel in the bow was added.

I realize that some folks subscribe to the aircraft carrier approach rather than the battleship approach, and although I don’t agree with them, I’d suggest fighter craft with laser canons mounted on the wingtips, especially if the wings could be separated in, say, an ‘X’-like fashion.

In any event, angling the deflector shields and cloaking devices will be the primary defensive measures.


  1. Aah, Starblazers… I just recently read a collection of stories set in David Drake’s ‘Ranks of Bronze’ universe, and the author of one of them came up with a plausible (If unlikely) excuse to do just that. Foriegn Legions is the book, and it’s a pretty good read.