The calm before the storm?

A Marine keeps watch in Fallujah.

How long can the on-again, off-again cease-fire continue? There’s some evidence that many citizens of Fallujah are warming to the Marines and that Iraqi security forces may be recovering a bit after an initial shock, but this can’t end in stalemate if we want to succeed.


  1. How about this: We declare the town the FALLUJAH CONCENTRATION CAMP. (Yeah, it’s politically incorrect, but we could use the SHOCK part of ‘Shock and Awe’ right now.) The Red Cross and UN would be welcome to enter to provide aid (using their own security). As anyone approached a gate, we’d sort out the bad guys to go to Gitmo or an in-country camp, and let the good citizens go to a tent refugee city we’d set up nearby (with plenty of good food and water). IMO, we could have saved the lives of thousands of Americans by using this approach for some islands south of Japan near the end of WWII, using patrol boats. They didn’t have enough force to threaten us, and they would have surrendered peacefully once the war was over. I wasn’t born then, and nobody will listen to me now, so chaulk this up as wishful thinking. I don’t want another Marine to die over that God-forsaken city.