Snowed under?

My parents live in a rural area between Denver and Colorado Springs, CO. I just received this message:

This is 12 hours into a predicted 30 hour snow.

And this is the pic:


It’s hard to see in this pic, but the larger version he sent me shows that it’s coming down at a decent clip.

He owns a road grader. You know, one of those big orange ones. He decided that the road he lives on needed more work than the county was giving, so he bought one and parks it beside his driveway. That should keep them from getting snowed in if this keeps up. (Last year they also got dumped on late in the spring.)

I don’t know how cold it is, but it doesn’t really appear to be blowing too much. Just a nice, peaceful dumping.

UPDATE: I know you’re all wondering. It’s still snowing where my parents live in Colorado. Here’s a pic of him out on the road with his grader:
Click for a bigger pic.

He emailed earlier after he saw my post and explained some of the problems he’s had snowplowing with the grader in the past, especially when the ground is soft. That reminded me of when I asked him what some controls on the thing were for, and he explained that they were for a blade that could be mounted on the front. A snowplow blade, for instance. I’m not sure, but I think there was a twinkle in his eye as he said it.

Someone keep that guy away from eBay. For his own good.


  1. Honey Bunnies – glad it’s you and not me that’s getting snow! Give me green grass and my lawn mower in April!

  2. It is actually quite a nice day down here. The temperature is only a few degrees below freezing and here in Colorado (with fire season just about to set in with potential devistating effects like the Hayman fire where your relatives live) every drop of moisture is appreciated. There is a saying in Colorado that tin roofs were invented to keep dryland farmers from going crazy in our arid climate. It is, of course, nothing compared to last year’s blizzard.