Murdoc’s been traveling and off the grid a lot lately and doesn’t really know a lot about Paul Ryan yet.

But it looks like a solid choice, based on who’s going all batshit over it.


  1. I heard that Paul Ryan filled his campaign bus tires with the last breaths of baby seals.

  2. I heard that Paul Ryan sneaks into the homes of retirees and fiddles with the thermostat.

  3. I heard Paul Ryan always has 17 items in the 15 item or less lane. Then pays with a personal check.

  4. Hey.My (very funny if i do say so) sockpuppeted one liners are being flushed down the memory hole.This gives the Chairman a frowny face.

  5. Geez Murdoc,

    You’ve been missing in action for so long I thought you were gonna be named as Romney’s VP.

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