Surprise, surprise

Anti-Coalition Forces Take Token Steps Toward Peace Initiative

It seems that the insurgents in Fallujah aren’t cooperating with the agreement to turn in their weapons:

Weapons turned in to Marines around Fallujah Thursday were old, rusted and some were completely unusable. The number and condition of weapons turned in paled in comparison to those that Marines are capturing from enemy forces. Captured weapons appear in good-working order, are clean, oiled and ready for combat.

Weapons turned in to the Marines were in small amounts. There were no large caches of weapons, which is a drastic contrast to the weapons and ammunition Marines and soldiers found in the vicinity of Fallujah earlier this week.

Six machine guns turned in were broken beyond repair as were two SA-7 missile launchers. Seven rocket-propelled grenade launchers were turned in, but some were inoperable. About 21 RPG projectiles were handed in and labeled inert.

One sniper rifle and one flamethrower were brought in; however, neither was in a condition to be fired. Another 113 mortar rounds were collected, but upon inspection, they were found to be corroded and rusted beyond military use.

Either the insurgents are out of working weapons, which would be difficult to explain to Marines taking fire, or someone is trying to be tricky. I’m losing any hope that I might have had, and it wasn’t much to begin with, that this negotiated peace might work out to be the right thing to do.

Maybe the insurgents in Fallujah are trying to buy time so they can launch another round of attacks if/when we move into Najaf? Could be the same thing in other places, too. Waiting for us to commit to fighting in Najaf, then try to jump us in other places? Another attempt at a Tet Offensive payoff in the American media? Just a thought.


  1. From the Sunday AM news, it appears GWB himself has, or is about to, make a decision on what to do about Fallujah. Reports are GWB met with his advisors and senior military people at Camp David this weekend. A spokesman says they are still ‘cautiously optimistic’ so we may not see anything right away. Don’t want to be an ‘Chairborne General’ but, from what we’ve seen and heard, I don’t see how we can let this situation drag on for weeks and weeks, with the 6/30 date for turnover of sovereignty just weeks away. UNLESS … we declare Fallujah a POW camp, declare all the fighters there our prisoners, allow only the Red Cross and UN (if it wants to) to enter with humanitarian aid only, and not let anyone back in once they decide to leave. If we can maintain a good courdon, the bad guys there have to eventually run out of ammo and gas for their vehicles. How Fallujah ‘goes down’ might be the tipping point for how things trend in Iraq in general, as many Iraqis are watching. It sounds like we’re not even considering going into Najaf, given its holiness, so I’d suggest doing the same thing there. Things have really been dragging along in this gray area between warfare and police action; and we continue to lose more Americans every day. Something has to change, and soon.