Latest on the Stryker howitzer program

A few weeks ago I noted a prototype Stryker LAV with a 105mm howitzer mounted on it. Recent comments on that post indicate that the initial testing went well. I can’t vouch for the authority of the commenters, but here’s what they had to say:

The howitzer recently completed a series of test firings at Eglin AFB and fired all top charges at from -4 to 70 degrees and from +30 to -30 deflection with absolutely no problems. Ranges were from 17 to 32 kilometers. It was then flown by C-130 to Fort Sill, OK where it rolled off the aircraft in 6 minutes and was firing on a range within 25 minutes.


The GDLS 105mm howitzer mounted on the Stryker is unlike anything in existance today. It has an extremely effective muzzle brake that actually has less recoil impulse than the 105mm MGS. The gun is designed to be fired without spades and yes, it can be fired over the side without rolling the vehicle. Max range is 30+ KM (not kidding). The rounds actually go supersonic when fired (fairly rare wehn talking artillery). The military has been offered the first battalion of 18 vehicles just 18 months after someone signs the contract. It fits within a C-130. In fact this vehicle was just last week flown to Fort Sill on a C-130 rolled off, live-fired, and then rolled back on and flown away. I’m not generally impressed by artillery, but this one has me thinking.


  1. Interesting. If these specs are accurate and truthful, this howitzer vehicle would be a big boost for the Stryker brigades. As of now, I think they are using towed howitzers for their artillery. The lack of spades on this vehicle would enable it to engage targets more quickly after moving from a previous firing position. If the stated range of 30+ km is based on firing unassisted projectiles, then this weapon has much potential. According to, the M109A6 Paladin has a range of 22 km without assist and 30 km when firing with assist.