The more things change…

Americans are Losing the Victory

This article details American failure to follow up a resounding victory with a workable post-war plan. Six months after victory was declared, things aren’t going as well as everyone would like. Among the main points:

  • The troops returning home are worried. “We’ve lost the peace,” men tell you. “We can’t make it stick.”
  • Friend and foe alike, look you accusingly in the face and tell you how bitterly they are disappointed in you as an American.
  • …The cure has been worse than the disease.
  • The taste of victory had gone sour in the mouth of every thoughtful American I met.
  • Never has American prestige in Europe been lower.

Are you finished, now?

That’s all there is? For all the effort, for all the cost, that’s ALL we have to show? It’s only been six months, folks. After years of brutal subjugation, the place is free. But Thomas Jeffersons didn’t pop up all over the place yet, so it was a failure? And EUROPE is disappointed in us? Of all places in the world, Europe expected more from America? Excuse me, didn’t we just win a war you were unable or unwilling to fight? Give me a break.

FYI, the article was in the January 7, 1946 issue of Life Magazine. (via Instapundit)