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George Bush and the Inability to Admit Error

My latest post on the Watchblog is up.

President Bush and Dick Cheney talked with the 9/11 commission yesterday. We don’t know exactly what was said, but it’s a pretty safe bet that Bush didn’t say “We could have done more. I wish that we had.”

Why is this administration so defiant toward anyone who asks if they might have done more? Why does the President joke and blunder his way past questions about mistakes or regrets? It’s completely clear that mistakes have been made. Why won’t he acknowledge that fact, point out what’s been done to prevent those same mistakes from being made again, and move on?

Almost as mystifying to me is the way so many writers jumped to Bush’s defense after his press conference a couple of weeks ago when he shrugged off several questions about mistakes that he might have made. Bush said he couldn’t think of any mistakes, and many writers who I respect applauded his responses and pooh-poohed the journalists who asked the questions. Yes, the questions were leading and would almost certainly be used in the great smoke-and-mirrors game that is American politics. But why concede points to the opposition when you can steal points from them by using their attacks for your own gain?

I realize that this is not a popular attitude among most Conservatives. I don’t really understand why. Go read and explain why I’m wrong.