Political Commercials

Murdoc’s seeing and hearing lots of comments about how this is the last couple of days we’ll be subjected to so many political commercials.

That’s not really the case. It’s just that we normally call it the “evening news.”


  1. I avoid the “evening news” by not having cable/sat TV; and by unplugging the phone. I sleep much better now.

  2. I call it the “evening snooze”.

    By the way did anyone see Diane Sawyer’s drunken exhibition after the results came in?

    Dang, I missed it. It musta been a hoot to see the “pearl of ABC” on prime time telly hammered out of her 60+ year old mind.

  3. We need to come up with a common term. My suggestion is DPM…Democratic Propaganda Ministry. It simple and rolls off the tongue easily.

    Watching the DPM during the 2012 campaign provided new insight into how PRAVDA worked in the Soviet Union. The Soviet press wasn’t overpowered by the government. It was sufficient that the press was staffed with people who were sufficiently faithful partisans. Russian Walter Durantes. No government coercion required.

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