“Thanks for that on-the-spot report, Les.”

Happy Thanksgiving to all MO readers out there in the wild.

While you’re enjoying your turkey and football and time with friends and family, don’t forget out men and women serving in the dusty and dangerous places of the world.


  1. Murdoc & Gang,

    I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving. It has been fun conversing with everyone on this blog and I hope we’ll all continue to submit our thoughts and comments far into the future.

    I’m working on some “life-changes” now and will be involved in a difficult, but hopefully worthwhile move to North Carolina. It’ll be difficult because I’m 70+ and my much younger wife doesn’t want to leave her native home and career as a writer/Historian. I’m buying a “manufactured Home” in an over 55 community near the Great Smoky Mts. I fell in love with the area years ago, but I had a young daughter to raise. Now she’s off to college I want to spend at least half the year there and I’ll settle for spending the other 6-months with my understanding wife.

    As you approach the “Golden Years” you realize time is precious and just dreaming about paradise is not an option. So wish me well in my quest and I’ll still be sticking my 2 cents into this comment section, but maybe not a frequently.

  2. MO,

    Thanks for this. Was on vac and am catching up. I look forward to this piece every year.

    “Oh the humanity!”

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