Tonight on Nova

Battle Plan Under Fire

The Stryker is going to get some air time on tonight’s Nova on PBS.

Never before has a nation dominated the conventional battlefield the way the United States has during the past two years in Afghanistan and Iraq. But with U.S. troops now embroiled in unconventional warfare against insurgents in Iraq, skeptics are saying that America’s high-tech advantage is no longer decisive. Yet Pentagon planners are placing a multibillion-dollar bet that the critics are wrong. In this program, NOVA, in collaboration with the reporting staff of The New York Times, probes the rapidly evolving science of war.

NOVA was given unprecedented access to top military officials and defense contractors to tell the story of how “smart” weapons became “brilliant”—accurate to within two meters of their target. The program also reveals the inside story of how those “brilliant” weapons worked yet ultimately failed to prevent a guerrilla war.

Hopefully this will be an even-handed, objective look at what we do and what we’re using to do it. If nothing else, we should get some good video.