Apache Video Redux?

French TV to show images of US helicopter killing Iraqis

Rantburg notes a Drudge Report post about some stolen video of US helicopters attacking Iraqi civilians that has been acquired by French TV. Conversation between the helicopter crew and their commanding officer can be heard on the tape.

Uh, isn’t that the famous Apache video that everyone has already seen fifty times? Follow the link to my post on the extended-length director’s cut of the video that originally appeared on ABC News in the middle of January. (If you’re unable to download it, let me know. I might be able to [cough] find a copy [cough] somewhere.) Don’t forget to install the XviD codes, also linked to in my post.

I was alerted to this when search engine hits for “apache” started lighting MO up like a Christmas tree. Following some incoming links, I’m not surprised to see the same old “they were just farmers” arguments repeated again. Weird. While I can MAYBE see that side from the original shorter version (if I also accept that Iraqis farm at night) the longer version, which includes surveillance of the targets, seems to make it pretty clear that the subjects were acting at least suspiciously.

Still, it might turn out that French TV has different video. I haven’t seen it confirmed that their clip is the same one we’ve all come to know and love. We’ll see.

UPDATE: Maybe French TV is going to air the famous “We have activity but I don’t think we need to report it. It appears to be fornication in a convertible” video?


  1. Yeah, they’re just picking up some RPG to till their land. What, you actually cannot use RPG for any peaceful argicultural work? Why let these pesky facts get in the way of smearing those arrogant Yankee.

  2. Even on further review by the replay official, the only thing that strikes me as odd at all about the video is that the guys were all named Roger. Ahem. And farmed at night.