Curse? What curse? Oh…that curse

Babe Ruth, black cats, goats, and Steven Bartman are apparently all more powerful than hope and dreams when we’re talking Cubs and Red Sox.

Kevin Millar had his best game of the ALCS, but it was all for naught. He homered in the 4th, but when he came to the plate in the 10th with two outs and the go-ahead run on second, all he could manage was a weak-donkey pop-up to short. At least he didn’t strike out, which is something he did far too often in the series. He ended up hitting .241 in the series. I doubt he or any of the Sox fans will forget how close they came in 2003. In ten years he’ll burnin’ down the road, nowhere to run, nowhere to go.

(In case you’ve been living under a rock, in a coma, or getting your news exclusively from the New York Times, here’s the link to Millar’s “Born in the USA” video. In Realmedia. Watch at your own risk. It’s painful.)

GAME 7 – Red Sox Lose
Kevin Millar, 1B
At Bats: 5
Runs: 2
Hits: 2
RBI: 1
BB: 0
SO: 0

ALCS Totals – Yankees Win 4-3
At Bats: 29
Runs: 3
Hits: 7
RBI: 3
BB: 1
SO: 9
The World Series starts tomorrow evening.