Body Armor

Marine’s Girl at Across the River gave me a heads up that her boyfriend, a Marine currently deployed in Iraq, has spotted some reservists without Interceptor Body Armor vests. From a chat she had with him last night:

Marine: And tell that Murdoc guy that I did see some reservists without proper gear so that’s still a problem here. I said I’d let him know.
Me: Ok will do.
Marine: I talked to their Sarge and he said he was trying to be hopeful. They were promised gear before they left Kuwait and it didn’t happen.

I’ve posted on this before. There is NO DAMN EXCUSE for every single deployed US soldier not having a vest and inserts. None. Now, this apparently is an isolated incident, but that doesn’t excuse it, not after all the coverage and attention that the issue has received.

Although I find all the talk of calling for Rumsfeld’s resignation or firing over the prison abuse issue pretty silly, I wouldn’t dismiss call for the same due to the body armor issue so quickly.

This armor is relativley inexpensive, when compared to jet fighters and leased air tankers, and should be a basic part of every single soldier’s kit. How many guys were deployed without their rifles?