Army removes XM25 from service after incident

The Army’s XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement system has been removed from service after a training accident injured a soldier in Afghanistan early last month.

A soldier was injured during a Feb. 2 live-fire training event during which the primer of a 25mm high-explosive air burst round ignited as a result of a double feed, according to Army spokesman Matthew Bourke.

The injuries were superficial.

The Army really hypes this thing, but Murdoc has heard that the 25mm round is lacking in lethality.


  1. Off topic

    Money Quote: “The mission packages aren’t ready,” said Polmar, the naval analyst. “We’ve got the least capable 3,000-ton warship in the world.”

    The biggest problem our naval forces have, is that while someone without a lick of naval knowlege can at a glance see that the LCS concept is flawed and is basically a waste… our naval professionals are being bureaucrats and not being warriors.

    The sad quote
    “He’s raising issues which no one with active-duty stars on their shoulders has said before,” said Norman Polmar, an independent naval analyst and author who’s spoken to Navy”

    We spend more than anyone (yet bitch that we do not spend enough) – yet get less per dollar than anyone. If we spent wisely, with the eyes of a warrior we could cut the budget by at least 20%, but have a more capable military. Why spend billions on 24 ships we know are combat ineffective…

  2. “The Army really hypes this thing, but Murdoc has heard that the 25mm round is lacking in lethality.”

    I don’t know about that — it sounds plenty lethal to it’s operators.

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