Well, it seems that things aren’t working. Except that ACE just left a comment and said it all looks good.


If you’re reading this, please leave me a comment. And let me know if the address in your browser’s address bar says “” or ““.

I have snagged up the .com murdoconline, and I’m trying to get both the .com and the .net to load my page. I want to continue to use the .net as my “real” address. I can get through using .com, but not .net. Since no one else knew I even had a .com address available, I don’t understand how ACE left me a comment.

I’m so confused…

UPDATE: It seems that all is well. I guess that the change just hadn’t propagated to my neck of the woods yet last night when I was having trouble. Thanks to all who commented or emailed me with feedback.

I know just enough to be dangerous.


  1. I might further point out that the reason the main page might have read .net is that I came to it, as I always do, from your entry in my blogroll, which is defined .net. When I go directly to the .com address, all appears well. So, I axe, is there really a problem?